The Portside Collection || Beach Day

BWET Swimwear is releasing its new swimwear line for young athletic urban

professionals who don’t want to sacrifice quality for style, a philosophy paramount to

the BWET Swimwear brand.

“The Portside Collection” is four uniquely and dynamically designed swimwear

identities, each one inspired by a famous ship. Whether it’s the Santa Maria’s spirit

of adventure found in its vibrant colorful curves, The Victoria’s worldly aesthetic

found in diverse color blocking with an international flair, The Mayflower’s bold

daring found in its striking color stripe that’s a guaranteed head-turner, or The

Eclipse’s relaxed, fun enthusiasm found in the playful and flattering colorful patterns.

Each design comes in a variety of colors and in three styles of swimwear: briefs,

trunks, and shorts. That way you can always find the perfect pair that fits you and

your personality, flattering both.

And because all swimwear designed by BWET is designed in Spain and made with

high-quality Italian lycra, you know that your new favorite swimwear is not only

impeccably styled but also durably made, so you can reach for them over and over

again and they’ll feel and look just as amazing as the first time you put them on.

BWET Swimwear understands how young athletic urban professionals who enjoy

swimming don’t want to forgo style for durability, but also want to be dynamic in

everything they do, whether it’s in the office, yachting to new locales, making laps in

the pool, or relaxing on as many of the world’s beaches as possible.

That’s why BWET Swimwear created “The Portside Collection”: The spirit of these

great ships are a testament to BWET’s mission and spirit for its fans: to #BDaring,

#BFamous, #BFun, #BWorldy, and #BComfortable. With “The Portside Collection” you’ll

always feel like you’re ready to take on the world.

That’s what it means to be Bold Enough to BWET.

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