BWET-Swimwear-is-a-sponsor-of-Spartan-Race BWET Swimwear

BWET Swimwear is a sponsor of Spartan Race

The Spartan Race – longest, muddiest, and most thrilling obstacle course – is back with a vengeance, and so is BWET Swimwear

BWET Swimwear! – the original creator of high-quality urban style beachwear and beach accessories - surprised thousands of Spartan racers by running a DJ shower station.

Spartan Race promises to be the toughest yet, and for a bigger, rougher obstacle course, BWET Swimwear will be bolder, and its showering booth will be bigger.

BWET Swimwear will outfit its showering stations with soaped-up models holding water guns, tons of fun, and an exciting DJ for its bravest fans: the thousands of participants running Spartan Race!

BWET Swimwear is a Spanish brand, designed and developed for professionals by creative minds in Barcelona, and New York.

BWET Swimwear, the largest sponsor of the Spartan Race HK can’t wait to get out there. Can you? We’ll see everyone who’s bold enough to BWET.

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Are You Bold Enough to BWET?

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